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Say hi to Patty Christensen! 

Patty came to us when she needed help selling her unique home while looking for the next one to buy. Our team went right to work crafting a plan we knew would help us find the right buyer for her, 



#WinningWednesday: Solid Plan for Patty

Geoff Goolsby

I'm a competitive guy so I absolutely love to help my clients WIN...

I'm a competitive guy so I absolutely love to help my clients WIN...

May 18 2 minutes read


When Patty came to us for help, we saw the home had a few challenges right off the bat. The first being there were few comparables that we could pull to get an idea of what similar homes in their area were being sold for. Secondly, this 2 bedroom and 2.5 bath floor plan was unique in its neighborhood. Which meant the comparables were more challenging to find.

In addition, the buyer of this home needed to be willing to offer sixty days of rent back to give Patty enough time to find her next property.


Our team went to work marketing the home's best features in order to appeal to the right buyer. We utilized video to share this home’s story and highlight the beautiful updates with audiences online. For our pricing strategy we decided to start with a higher price point that still allowed for multiple offers.


As a result of our strategy and plan we were thrilled when Patty received an offer that was $50K over a smaller 3 bedroom home in her neighborhood and $20K over a 4 bedroom home in her neighborhood. Exactly where we wanted to land! Patty was thrilled when the buyer loved the home so much they agreed to rent the home back to her so she could find her next one in plenty of time.

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