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What would you do with an extra $30,000?

You may have caught wind of it on my social media – the inspiring success story of a Roseville family who turned a $20k investment into a $50k return.

When the time came for another Roseville family to sell their home, they grappled with a question we hear all too often: "How do we determine our home's value and elevate it?"




An Unexpected $30k for this Roseville Family

Geoff Goolsby

I'm a competitive guy so I absolutely love to help my clients WIN...

I'm a competitive guy so I absolutely love to help my clients WIN...

Aug 13 3 minutes read


 In today's real estate landscape, sellers often find themselves navigating a maze of options: 


Dive into DIY, hiring contractors, scouring advice online, and investing money, all on the gamble that the right enhancements might boost their home's value. 


Opt for an investor or an iBuyer platform such as Opendoor or Redfin. These entities usually spruce up and flip the property, capitalizing on the potential profit. 


List their home "as-is," pricing it competitively enough to appeal to buyers open to the prospect of repairs and renovations. 


We introduced this family to our game-changing alternative: The Listing Concierge Service (Showcased at 336 Wildflower Drive, Roseville)

With this tailored approach:

- We took the reins on deciding which renovations would maximize returns.

- We coordinated with contractors and managed the logistics.

- And most notably, we shouldered all the upfront costs, ensuring the sellers' finances remained untouched.


The result? $22,000 was invested into strategic upgrades, which in turn raised the sales price by a cool $50,000 above its initial pre-renovation value. It also helped the home sell 15x faster than the home around the corner. More importantly, the sellers enjoyed a hassle-free sales journey and celebrated a significantly higher profit during the closing.

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