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Shane and Alex wanted to buy their first home, preferably before their second baby arrived.  It’s a total sellers market and they are first time home buyers that can’t compete with all cash offers. 



Shane and Alex: First Time Home Buyers

Geoff Goolsby

I'm a competitive guy so I absolutely love to help my clients WIN...

I'm a competitive guy so I absolutely love to help my clients WIN...

Feb 9 3 minutes read


  There were not many homes to choose from and the ones that became available got bid up out of their price range or got purchased by cash offers. Alex and Shane felt a bit at a loss, it was not ok that this young couple had worked so hard to raise a nice family, save money, and were ready to buy a home, only to feel discouraged and hopeless. We understood how frustrating it was and how hopeless it felt to be a buyer in today’s market. 


The key to winning as a buyer in this market is to be the very first offer, or (when possible) the only offer. So much fear and anxiety comes from not understanding how the buying process works. We met with Alex and Shane and explained the home buying process to them. We explained the contract and how even though they might not be able to offer thousands of dollars beyond the asking price, they could still manipulate the terms of the purchase contract to create a winning offer for both the seller and them as a buyer.

Alex and Shane agreed to follow our lead with the structure of the purchase contract so that when they found the perfect home, they could make a strong offer. We went to work searching for a home!  Through Geoff’s network, we found out about a home that was not yet on the market. This gracious homeowner was looking to sell to first time home buyers just like Alex and Shane. These sellers allowed us to see the home early before it was going to go on the market and were willing to consider an offer from them without going to the market. It was time to put our plan into action! We crafted an offer that was mutually beneficial for both the sellers and Shane and Alex.

That was it - Shane and Alex bought the home! They ended up applying all of their money towards their down payment. They spent $0 of their own money towards closing costs and are now in their very own first home BEFORE the soon arrival of their newborn baby.

Congrats to this beautiful family - they won BIG!

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