Stop doing your virtual open houses by solely using your phone on Facebook Live. 

Things to know ahead of time

When do you want to do your open house? Day/Time?

Who are you going to market to? 

Prepare Marketing Material (What you’ll need)

  • Canva Graphic (use FB event Cover size (used for an event, FB post, and youtube thumbnail)

  • Scheduled Youtube Video (copy and paste the stream key and URL to a note)

  • Landing Page - Where your Youtube Video will Live

  • Connecting Zoom (or Streamyard) to your Youtube Live Video

Promote your Virtual Open House

  • FB Ads

    • Video/Image to use to advertise

    • Ad to the landing page (consider FB Lead Ads)

    • The audience(s) of your choice

Create the Graphic

Make sure to have a premade graphic that you can use for your Youtube Thumbnail, your FB ad, and other promotion efforts (EMAIL!). I used to create this graphic. It took me 4 minutes.

Schedule the Live Youtube Video

Create a landing page

Connect your Zoom (or other Host) to Youtube

Run Your Ads, Send them to Landing Page

I don't have a video for this. It's simple. Run an ad, either do a Facebook Lead Form or do a FB ad and send them to a forced registration landing page.

Send Everyone to Your Landing Page

Get old school. Send the link to your landing page to people in the neighborhood, on flyers, through circle dialing, AND through your current database via email.

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