Meet the Shade Family

It was a high-five success for this couple, Drew and Christine  because with the overwhelming worries of not being able to sell their home in this time of Covid, results were massive with 30 showings, multiple offers and even SOLD THEIR HOMES OVER ASKING PRICE! 

Find out how they did it, their challenges, and their victories. 

Describe your fears around selling your home?

The Shades' has been living in their homes for the last 8 and 1/2 years. They have young kids so there are so many kids' stuff that they need to move. Also, there are things that they wanted to change about our house that maybe buyers wouldn’t like. They felt overwhelmed with what they need to do, what really matter and what don't in order to sell their home fast. 


Why The Goolsby Group?

“There was a game plan. I wouldn’t say day 1, it’s like a day minus 14. There was a game plan that we’re gonna do this, we need to do this and we’re doing this because these are the results of what we expect and we provide and they did.”

“ There was a team approach. He listens to our feedback and he asks questions about our schedules and keeps us in the loop constantly about what’s going on.” 

~The Shade Family

What services made the biggest impact on your selling experience?

“One of the services that I thought was pretty remarkable was the marketing: between the stager, the photography and, videography and the mad report walk through of the house.  Because of Covid, it’s more difficult that you can’t just host an open house and have everybody walkthrough. That’s a good way to overcome that you get people to still be able to look inside your house without them physically being there.”

"We were excited once the video went live and saw the counts are going up on different real estate websites towards how many people were looking at it. They even got us the hot home badge which is a real testament to the marketing because they made our house sparkle and people are loving it online.”

The best part of your selling experience?

“Other parts that are great are getting weekly emails from  Katie updating us on what the market is doing and how it is moving. They give us feedback on the open houses to let us know what the people like and what they don’t like.”

“With Covid, showing the home is  a little bit more challenging but the use of technology has made it really much manageable. It is remarkably easier than I would have thought it would have been to  show our home right now that it's Covid.”


Advice you can give to someone planning to sell their home.

“The most obvious piece of advice is call Geoff Goolsby. The expertise and the care that we got was really second to none. Once you make a call, listen to him because the guy knows what he’s talking about.He’s done this enough, he has sold enough houses to really kind of cemented himself as an expert. We followed his game plan and we're beyond impressed with the results." 

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