Meet The Bass Family


About the Bass Family

The Bass family had no concrete plans to move. Though, they did feel that a bigger home was going to be needed soon. Their kids are growing up! One day, Geoff Goolsby “cold called” out of the blue and said that he could sell their home and help them buy another. Today, they are living in their dream home. Thanks to the “Love it, then List it” program, they didn’t even have to put their home on the market. Find out how they did it, their challenges, and their victories. Meet the Bass Family.

Why did you decide to sell?

The Bass's despised the thought of moving, as they have lived in their home for 17 years, and did not want to think about packing, signing, etc. One day out of the blue Geoff called the Bass's, saying he had recently sold a house in their neighborhood and wondered if they had any interest in selling.


Why The Goolsby Group?

"I would 100% recommend, and I am beyond happy with Geoff Goolsby, and the whole Goolsby Group. One thing that was great about Geoff is he has great contacts. The house we sold needed work, and he called and arranged it. It was simple. Great guy, great group, great presence in the community."

~The Bass Family

What surprised you most about the buying & selling process?

"I was surprised to get a call from Geoff saying he had people that may be interested in ours if we were in the market to sell. We sat on it for a while, and about a month later, I stopped by an open house he was putting on in the neighborhood and scheduled a meeting with him. We met later that week at my home, where he told me that there was a high interest in homes in my area, and talked about an elaborate database of people who he would reach out to who should general interest in moving into a house like ours. Honestly, I thought, “this is BS, he’s just trying to get me to sign on with him.” I am a very skeptical guy, so I told him that I will probably never trust him and that he was going to have to show me he’s for real. I’ll get to it later, but he earned my total trust as he guided us through this very confusing and difficult process." 

~ The Bass Family 

The best part of your selling experience?

Geoff showed me what he was talking about and discussed his ideas he had for selling my house and the purchasing of a new home. He marketed our home better than I could ever imagine anyone else could have, and we never had to worry about open houses, hoards of people coming by… none of that. All the things that pushed me away from moving, we didn’t even have to deal with as he found a buyer in the first few hours.


The most challenging part of buying & selling at the same time?

"Since we weren’t fully ready to move, we decided to prep our house for sale, by staging it, making a website for it, and promoting it before putting on the market. Once we found our home we wanted to buy, we would go on market if there wasn’t a buyer lined up. He called it “Love it, then List it.” 

~The Bass's Family

Bass's Top Selling Tip:

The escrow part was something I had been regretting, but honestly, it went really smoothly. Everything except the final signing is DocuSigned, so that was super easy. We only had to come in at the very end to sign the closing docs. It was simple.

How was getting your house market-ready?

"Geoff found our dream home that we knew we had to have. We had a professional stager come by, and direct us on what to do to sell our home, and then shortly after we had house staged a professional photographer did photos of the home, that were pretty amazing. The photographer later shot video footage which included drone footage, etc. It made our home look even more amazing, as he highlighted all the amazing thing we had upgraded over the years. It was amazing. Within probably hours ( for real, it had to be less than a half of a day) of the website being created Geoff said he had someone that wanted to look at the home. ~The Bass's Family


So grateful for the home of our dreams! 

So glad we answered the phone when Geoff Goolsby called a couple of months ago and opened our minds to moving. We are getting settled and loving the new place. Enjoying a nice dinner and some Monday night football in the backyard tonight. Go niners! Living the good life!

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