Recap Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

My mindset around community events

Community events are my opportunity to make a positive emotional impression on people. If I can bring them together, create a community, and make them feel good, they will also feel good about me. And that increases referrals and future business. The ultimate outcome of the virtual Easter egg hunt was to make people feel as though they were at an event with one another. 

Tech and tools

I used a few different tools and pieces of tech to make it happen. 

  • Ricoh Theta Camera
  • Richo Tours
  • Streamyard
  • Youtube
  • Website (could totally substitute for simple landing page)
  • Godaddy (for custom domain). 
  • Easter eggs
  • Bunny Rabbit Suit

The promotion

I ported this event mostly through Facebook and Youtube. I also reached out to the local news channel and received some extra publicity. 

  • Facebook event page
  • A video ad that leads to event page
  • A video promotion on youtube that leads to a landing page
  • I created 2 pages. 
  • One was a landing page that just introduced the event.
  • The other was the actual page itself where the event was hosted
  • I organically promoted (shared) to local Facebook groups. I also asked other people to share it to some of their groups

On the day of the event

On the day of the event, I had everything prepared. I had Youtube studio and Facebook open so that I could monitor comments. Before I started the live stream, I did affirmations so that I could bring my best, most energetic self to the event. And then when it was time to go live, I followed a preset plan and script.  I also made it a point to mention again and again how many people were on the website "with us" at the same time. To make sure they felt connected and had fun. 

The follow-up

The follow-up for a community event (for me) is much different than say a real estate seminar or open house. The "leads" usually just wanted to attend a fun event and didn't intend on talking to someone about real estate. My follow-up is passive. I sent a bombbomb video to all of the people that registered to say thank you. And currently, I am still targeting everyone that attended the event or engaged with any of the promotions. Just showing them various seller and brand awareness type ads. 

Bonus: My Virtual Open House Playbook

How to produce a more professional virtual open houses by solely using your phone on Facebook Live.

Create the Graphic

Make sure to have a premade graphic that you can use for your Youtube Thumbnail, your FB ad, and other promotion efforts (EMAIL!). I used to create this graphic. It took me 4 minutes.

Schedule the Live Youtube Video

Create a landing page

Connect your Zoom (or other Host) to Youtube

Update as of May 2020. Streamyard is what I have been using. It does a lot of the heavy lifting and basically does a lot of this stuff for you. 

Run Your Ads, Send them to Landing Page

I don't have a video for this. It's simple. Run an ad, either do a Facebook Lead Form or do a FB ad and send them to a forced registration landing page.

Send Everyone to Your Landing Page

Get old school. Send the link to your landing page to people in the neighborhood, on flyers, through circle dialing, AND through your current database via email.

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A lot of my clients are leaving California

Some clients relocate within the state of California, but many of them are leaving the state completely. This map is accurate as of 2017. MY guess is that it is going to get a lot more colorful once the data for 2018, 2019, and 2020 is finally available..

And still, people are moving to my town.

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