Hey Friends!!

If you live in the Highland Reserve area in Roseville, we'd love for you to join your neighbors and become part of the Highland Reserve Neighborhood Facebook group! This group allows us to give neighborly advice, share exciting news, look out for one another and get more involved in our community. 

 Click the image below to register!

Q: How is this different than the Highland Reserve Facebook Page?

A: Involvement. The group is designed for group communication. It is not designed to be the place for one single voice to be heard but rather an atmosphere where we can all contribute and communicate with one another. The only real rules are that you must be a Highland Reserve resident and you must not overwhelm the group with solicitations. 

Q: How is this different than Next Door?

A: Intimacy, quality, and a more defined boundary line. The Next Door app is great. It allows people an easy way to connect with A LOT of people near by. The problem is that the boundary lines are vague which means that multiple neighborhoods are often merged into one big category. 

Q: Who can join the group?

A: Any Highland Reserve Resident. Renter or Owner. All we ask is that you remove yourself from the group if and when you, well, remove yourself from the neighborhood. 

Q: Do I have to register? At this time, yes. It's the only way for us to preserve the intimacy of the group. Your contact information is sent to one of the administrators of the group. The administrator verifies the address and information before sending an invitation to the group via email. 

Have more questions? Contact Geoff Goolsby at [email protected]

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