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Black Friday: Top 5 Smart Home Devices to Up Your Home’s Value in 2022

Geoff Goolsby

As a fiercely competitive real estate agent with a passion for seeing my clients succeed, I've dedicated my career since 2012 to not just meeting, but...

As a fiercely competitive real estate agent with a passion for seeing my clients succeed, I've dedicated my career since 2012 to not just meeting, but...

Nov 19 5 minutes read

What if I told you, you could increase your home value by going Black Friday shopping??? It’s true! If you are planning on rushing to take advantage of Black Friday this year, I’ve got 5 devices you should be keeping an eye out to snag during your holiday shopping. 

Recently we’ve seen so many houses increase their value and sell quickly with these smart home devices in place. 

Here are the top 5 smart home gadgets that can  increase your home’s value!

Tech Device #1: Smart Lighting 

  • Home buyers are looking for ways to ease everyday living with something like smart lighting. Buyers want to be able to walk in and have the lights turn on hands free - it’s a huge plus! 

  • You might not be thinking you can find an entire lighting system in your local Best Buy but you can start transitioning your home to smart lighting with a few simple devices.

Tech Device #2: Smart Security Systems

  • Everyone wants to feel more secure at home these days. Because smart security systems  have become so familiar, they are a big attraction to buyers when they are already installed in a home.

  • This Black Friday you may want to check out the deals on systems like:

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Tech Device #3: Smart Thermostat 

  • These are a HUGE pull for buyers and they don’t look half bad on the wall either! Whenever there is one present, buyers never fail to mention these in their comments at a home showing or an open house. We get these comments all the time!

  • They just make the house look so modern and sleek and buyers feel like the home has been taken good care of when they see the smart thermostats. 

  • Look for  deals on thermostats from companies like

    • Nest

    • Honeywell

    • Be sure to check in with your preferred HVAC tech to ensure you’re getting the right one for your current system.

Tech Device #4: Smart Locks

Tech Device #5: Smart Home Assistant

  • Most people have one whether its: Google, Alexa, Siri, and so on! But if you haven’t gotten one yet now is the time! These are always going on sale during the holiday season so it’s a great time to pick one up.

  • If you have one already, check your assistant’s compatibility with some of the smart devices I mentioned earlier. Upgrade your assistant if needed to ensure an easy system that works with all your smart devices in your home.

  • A few I’d recommend looking into include

    • Nest Hub Smart Display with Google Assistant

    • Apple HomeKit Hub or Homepod

    • Amazon Echo show

    • These systems are fantastic and put the full control of your home at your fingertips…or the sound of your voice rather!

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