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Salary-By-State To Afford The Average Area Homes 🏠

Geoff Goolsby

I'm a competitive guy so I absolutely love to help my clients WIN...

I'm a competitive guy so I absolutely love to help my clients WIN...

Jul 17 2 minutes read

We’ve all wondered when driving through a neighborhood, “how much does that home cost” or “what does someone have to make a year to afford that?” 

Now you don’t have to wonder!

We put together the average salary you may need to afford the average priced home in California. Have some fun with this and check out what you could afford in other states!

*Disclaimer* Based on a 30-year mortgage with a 10% down payment. 

Are you leaving California?

Several of our clients have left the state. Some are retired and are loooking to reside in a state with lower cost of living and where they can get more home for their dollar. Others are simply after a slower paced lifestyle (and less traffic). Oregon and Washington offer lower cost of home and require about $33k less than CA in annual salary. Nevada requires even less at $73k annual vs California’s $120k. Many of our clients are cashing out on their CA equity and moving (literally) greener pastures where land and home are more affordable. Nevada, Oregon and Texas seem to be common destinations amongst our clients. 

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