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Selling this beautiful home was no walk in the park.

Geoff Goolsby

As a fiercely competitive real estate agent with a passion for seeing my clients succeed, I've dedicated my career since 2012 to not just meeting, but...

As a fiercely competitive real estate agent with a passion for seeing my clients succeed, I've dedicated my career since 2012 to not just meeting, but...

Aug 19 4 minutes read

To mention just a bit of what it took to market this home:

Lengthy preparation, hours of staging and preparing, hours of photoshoots, hours of video sessions, and hours of 3D rendering sessions. We developed 3 different webpages, 3 video campaigns and ad campaigns on all of the major platforms. We spent a lot of time on verbiage, and advertising copy. It took open houses, events and caterers. It took an enormous amount of time and money in advertising. Like, an enormous amount of time and money.

*Check out the video of this crafstmen dream home below!

Here's what happened:

This home listed for $1,480,000. After 60 days, the price was reduced to $1,395,000. That weekend, prospective buyers visited the open house, toured the home with me, fell in love and made an offer.

It was a cash offer so most of us would assume it’s a slam dunk. We went through a couple of rounds of negotiating repairs but the most challenging part was home owners insurance. The new, highly qualified buyers with excellent homeownership history were denied by 6 DIFFERENT INSURANCES for homeowners insurance. It seemed that after all of our efforts, this house might not be sale-able.

Through some of my amazing peers, we tracked down a solution to the problem and got the insurance figured out in what seemed to be the very last second.

Much of this happened while the owners of the home were out of the country. We met with movers and scheduled estimates from multiple moving companies.

Last weekend, the movers packed up the belongings in the clients 4800 square foot home, on Monday they loaded the truck, on Tuesday they took one last dip in their pool, and on Thursday they closed escrow.

Here's the best part:

As we walked down the stairs of the Escrow office after signing over the title, the seller turned and looked at me. With a huge ear-to-ear grin she said, “I can’t believe we actually sold for this price. I am so grateful.”

It’s these magic moments that keep me going. It’s the look on my client’s face as they just earned thousands of dollars more than they ever expected when selling their home. It’s what our efforts have done that will now empower these clients to take the next step towards their new dream home.

The Bottom Line:

If you have a $200k condo to sell, or a $2m estate, I bet it means something to you on a significant level. I bet the equity you have in that property is important to your family. I bet that when you go to sell, it’s important to you that your home is handled with care, that you aren’t stressed out, and that when you close escrow you feel proud and not taken for granted. I bet that matters to you.

I promise, it matters to me as well. Please reach out to me if I can help.

"Thank you so much for your efforts and our success!!! You made it as easy an experience as possible based on all of the challenges. Well done!!!"

-Happy Seller

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