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Roseville’s Home for Home Runs

What is the fastest-growing sport in America? Soccer? Nope. Lacrosse? Uh-uh. Ultimate Dodgeball? Close, but wrong again.

Apparently, Arena Softball is the fastest-growing sport in the country. Or, at least, so the owners of Arena Softball in Roseville claim. However, play one game and you'll have so much fun that it's easy to understand why this claim might actually be defensible.

Arena Softball is for the most part just like regular softball…but with the following changes:

  • The entire field (even the top) is covered with a tight net to keep the ball in play and the game play fast.
  • There is no foul territory and safety zones protect good hits. All hit balls are live!
  • Home runs can be hit by anyone, power hitters no longer dominate, all hits are fair play and everyone plays like a pro!
  • Fly balls caught off the net result in the batter being out.
  • All batting innings consist of 20 legal pitches. No longer will 3 outs close an inning.
  • Teams score on defense as well as offense. The fielding side gets awarded a 1/2 run for every out.
  • Two (2) balls is a walk. Two (2) strikes is an out.
  • The batting side gets awarded a 1/2 run for every walk.

If joining a new recreational sports team isn't something you're ready to commit to just yet, no worries. Arena Softball provides local area softball players and little leaguers with six top-quality indoor batting cages that can pitch baseball, fast and slow pitch softball.

Team rental of two indoor fields, birthday parties and lessons/coaching sessions are available. Call Arena Softball at 916-771-3818 for more details or visit to learn more about joining a men's, women's or co-ed league. Arena Softball is located at 8288 Industrial Avenue. If you're looking for some fun, swing on by (pun intended) and check them out!

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