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How "Added Sugar" Will Increase Health in Americans

Many people have been convinced that salt is the enemy. However, doing just a small amount of Google research will reveal added sugar to be the true evil.

Those who have eliminated added sugar from their diets have seen positive results in a dramatic way, even those who are already in great shape!

By July 2018 the FDA will require most Nutrition Labels to disclose the amount of "added sugar". The amount of added sugar will be given in grams; unlike all previous sugar amounts on nutrition labels, there will be a daily value percentage, as well. 

The Sugar Association is outraged:

"As one example, a 20-ounce bottle of Coke could show 65 grams of added sugar, representing 130 percent of a recommended daily intake."

The new labels will also display serving size and calories more prominently. These new labels will allow Americans to make more informed choices about the day to day foods they consume. Hopefully, food manufacturers will shy away from adding as much sugar as they currently do, once these labels have gone into full effect.

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