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An innovative alternative to Lease to Own

How would you like to "test drive" the home, before you buy it? To be more clear, how would you like to move into your home prior to ever filling out a loan application, saving for a downpayment, fixing credit blemishes or earning a long enough job history to satisfy a mortgage underwriter? If we had a solution that could give you the ability to live in the home that you choose and purchase it for a predetermined price at any given time in the next 1-5 years, would you want to know more?

If now isn't the right time to buy a home, but you'd like more attractive options than what's currently available in the rental market, we can FINALLY introduce you to an innovative new Lease with a Right to Purchase program.

Working together we can find you the right home, which our program partner will purchase and lease back to you for up to five years… and you can choose to buy the home during your residency! It's a great option if you:

  • Want to live in a single-family home, in a great community with quality schools
  • Are a first-time homebuyer who's cautious about buying a home now, but wants to in the future
  • Are a home seeker in the process of relocating but aren't sure where to settle down
  • Can't obtain a mortgage right now

We love this program because getting great people into great homes is what we do!

Here's how the program works (in a nutshell)

  1. You apply for the program
  2. Once you are approved, you use The Jeff and Geoff Team to search for a home that you would want to buy, if you could
  3. Once you identify the home, we present the home to our program partner
  4. They buy it.
  5. You sign a lease to rent it back from them and retain the right to buy it back from them at any given time in the next 5 years.

There's a bit more to it than that. But those are the basics.

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